Maui Beach Sea View


The safety of our guests, property owners, and employees is at the core of what we do. MPP is an industry leader in this regard. Read more about our specific policies and procedures here.

While there is no universal standard yet for safety in vacation rental units – state, county, and city codes vary greatly across the country – we know that safety is of the utmost importance to our guests and property owners. That’s why we have partnered with Breezeway, a company at the forefront of defining safety standards across the vacation rental and hospitality industry.

MPP has implemented meticulous safety protocols rooted in technology and training. Our service managers are “Certified Short-Term Rental Safety Inspectors” through Breezeway’s Dwell Safe program. We are the only company in Hawaii, and one of just a few throughout the USA, to have certified our inspectors.

Our goal is to identify and correct potential safety issues before they arise. We have a designated “Safety Manager” on staff with responsibility for:

  • Presenting weekly, monthly, and annual safety education to all staff
  • Communicating safety policies and guidelines to staff and property owners
  • Evaluating practices, procedures, and properties to assess risk and adherence to the law
  • Coordinating and tracking monthly and annual safety inspections of properties
  • Tailoring property-specific safety requirements for each vacation rental unit
  • Utilizing a safety checklist from Breezeway/Dwell Safe
  • Unit reviews with Breezeway’s safety experts identifying key life-safety and injury prevention items, such as:
Bedroom EgressFire Extinguishers
Smoke DetectorsCondo-Association related items
CO DetectorsProperty Emergency Cards
Slips, Trips & FallsPool Fences, Alarms & Protection
Hot Tub/Spa Covers & LocksFurniture
Water TemperatureElectrical
Dryer VentsRailing Heights & Handrails
Product SafetySprinklers

By taking these steps, MPP is ensuring a safer environment for our guests, reducing liability for our property owners, and creating a better overall vacation rental experience.