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The team at Maui Paradise Properties is made up of seasoned professionals and locals alike that simply love Hawaii and can’t wait to share it with you! Whether you need a vacation rental for an upcoming trip or are looking for real estate or property management services, we’ve got it all under one roof.

Learn more about our services and staff to see how we can help you! Contact our office today for more information. And if you’re looking for our real estate sales agents, please click the link provided.

Amber Ngo

Amber Ngo R(S)

Revenue and Distribution Manager

Amber is a Revenue and Distribution Manager at MPP who rather serendipitously found herself on Maui.
Brittany L. Foraker

Brittany L. Foraker R(S)

Special Projects Manager

Brittany brings extensive experience in the visitor industry to Maui Paradise Properties. Before joining Maui Paradise Properties in 2016, Brittany was the Hawaii Region Production Manager for Morris Media Network.
Candace Horton

Candace Horton R(S)

Real Estate Sales

Candace moved to Maui in 1975 on a one-way ticket, two bags, a bike and $600 in her pocket.  That was then.  Now she knows the island like the back of her hand and has made an abundance of friends.
Eliot Ehrler Operations Manager

Eliot Ehrler

Operations Manager

Eliot was born in Chicago, Illinois and spent a short period of her childhood there until the family packed up and moved to San Diego, California.
Faith Cummins

Faith Cummins R(S)

Director of Owner and Guest Relations

Faith Cummins is a partner at MPP and serves as the Director of Owner and Guest Relations.
Jan Hunter

Jan Hunter R(S)

Interior Design Consultant

Jan Hunter is a Maui based and beach inspired interior designer with over three decades of experience helping clients create their dream spaces.
John Kevan

John Kevan R(B) (IA)

Principal Broker, General Manager, IA – Partner

John serves is a partner at MPP and serves as General Manager and Principal Broker.
Kelly Hartman

Kelly Hartman R(S)

Director of Operations – Partner

Kelly Hartman is a partner at MPP and serves as Director of Operations. Growing up on a farm in Iowa, Kelly learned the value of hard work and patience.
Kevin Eliason

Kevin Eliason R(S)

New Business Development Manager

Kevin Eliason, with 31 years of Real Estate and Sales experience in Washington and Hawaii has background in Sales, Leadership Training, Mentoring, Financial Planning, Coach and Perent. 
Laurie Davenport

Laurie Davenport R(S)

Real Estate Sales and Luxury Asset Management

Laurie joined Maui Paradise Properties in 2020 in real estate sales and luxury asset management.
Leo Fimmen

Leo Fimmen R(B)

Director of Revenue/Yield Management – Partner

Leo Fimmen is a partner at MPP and serves as its Director of Revenue/Yield Management. Leo earned a BS in Finance in 1999 from the University of Illinois, one of the nation’s leading universities in finance.
Lynda Lyons

Lynda Lyons R(B), EPRO

Director of Human Resources, Real Estate Sales – Partner

Lynda Wynne Lyons has worked in the real estate industry for the past 25 years, both in general Real Estate and for several large development companies, on Maui and the mainland.
Manny Fernando

Manny Fernando

Director of Finance – Partner

Manny joined the Maui Paradise Properties team in December 2015 as the Director of Accounting.
Rachael Moore

Rachael Moore R(S)

Manager Owner Relations

Rachael joined Maui Paradise properties in January 2020.
Russell Wynne

Russell Wynne

Director of Luxury & Asset Management – Partner

Russ is a partner at MPP and leads the Luxury Department and Asset Management Division. He has 12 years of experience in luxury home management.