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Packing Your Maui Wardrobe

September 3, 2018

When people visit the island of Maui, they expect to be surrounded by paradise. And they are. Roughly 162 square miles of it.

However, packing nothing but beach wear would be a mistake since the island, located in the Central Pacific, has much more to offer than just beautiful beaches.

The island also boasts the Haleakala National Park, a volcano, waterfalls, and natural pools. Don’t let your clothing, or lack of appropriate attire, keep you tied to one place.

Dressing for Hiking

Those wanting to trek through the national park or those wanting to see the Seven Sacred Pools at Ohe’o, should prepare for the elements.

For instance, proper hiking boots will provide better traction on wet, muddy ground than tennis or athletic shoes and afford hikers the security of being more sure-footed.

Water resistant cargo pants or shorts, hiking socks, and t-shirts layered with long-sleeved shirts are also a hiking must.

There are many brands of lightweight, but durable outdoor clothing that are a perfect fit for both novice and veteran hikers.

Dressing for Leisure

Not into hiking? No problem.

Maui also offers more leisurely ways to enjoy nature in the form of some magnificent botanical gardens.

For instance, the Kula Botanical Garden, one of the smaller botanical gardens on the island, offers eight acres to explore. For this venture, hiking boots are probably not necessary, but good walking shoes are.

Don’t forget easy to move in clothes such as capri pants or shorts for women and jeans, slacks or shorts for men.

Depending on the time of year that you visit, casual short-sleeved or long-sleeved shirts or T-shirts will do nicely.

This variety of clothing will also be appropriate for afternoon shopping excursions, a trip to an island museum such as the Alexander & Baldwin Sugar Museum or a ride on the Lahaina, Kaanapali and Pacific Railroad, which is an old-fashioned steam locomotive.

Dressing for Zip-lining

Zip-lining is a favorite activity on Maui. But it’s important to wear clothing that won’t diminish the fun.

Zip-lining enthusiasts say closed-toed shoes are a must. In warmer climates, such as Maui, shorts and T-shirts are a good fit, but make sure the shorts aren’t too short.

It’s also imperative to keep in mind that wearing a harness while zip-lining could leave stains or marks on clothing so don’t wear your very best set of shorts and shirts.

Dressing for Nightlife

What about clothes for the nightlife on the island? Thankfully, the restaurants and other evening social places are still mainly about comfort.

For the ladies, a nice pair of wedge sandals or flats with a simple sundress are in order. For the gentlemen, khaki shorts paired with a nice t-shirt or a collared shirt will do.

There’s always room for lightweight slacks, also with a T-shirt or collared shirt.

And while the beach isn’t the only place to visit on Maui, it’s one that shouldn’t be missed, so don’t forget to pack your swimsuit and sunscreen!